There’s nothing quite like seeing something of beauty for the very first time and the Red Square in Moscow is no exception.

Soaked in history and set in the heart of the city, this ancient cobbled-stoned area is simply stunning. The mere sight of it is guaranteed to take your breath away – the entrance gate alone will set your heart a flutter – and, when you take a peek through the archway and get a taste of what you’re about to savour, well… words alone cannot describe the feeling.


The entrance to Red Square

You could effortlessly wile away many an hour simply walking around and absorbing this part of Moscow alone. The whole area is totally mesmerising; St Basil’s Basilica in particular.

The exterior of the Basilica is absolutely exquisite with it’s crazy combination of colours, shapes and patterns…

And the interior too is equally full of surprises.



On the northern side of Red Square, opposite St Basil’s Cathedral, is the State Historical Museum.


If you’re lucky enough to be in Red Square when it’s open, Lenin’s Mausoleum is definitely worth a visit.
Free to enter, it’s a somewhat bizarre experience. After going through security, and under the watchful eyes of the guards, you’ll find yourself being frog-marched in silence down darkened passages and steps to a cold, dimly lit room. Here, and for a few minutes only, you’ll see the embalmed body of Lenin. The whole encounter is quite surreal.
Talking, stopping or taking photographs is strictly forbidden through-out the entire procedure. Afterwards, once you’re back outside, and in sharp contrast to the dramatic, elaborateness of Lenin’s tomb, you’ll walk past the simply constructed gravestone of Stalin.

If you have the time and inclination, a visit inside Gum Department Store wouldn’t go a miss. Spread over three floors with its elegantly designed 19th century interior, this magnificent shopping area looks more like a palace than a shopping mall . You can quite easily spend a few hours in here wandering around the many designer shops, cafes and exhibitions cocooned under the spectacular glass ceilings of the building.
As night falls, Gum’s facade comes alive with thousands of little lights. A truly magical sight!

Wait till dusk and see how the low, soft rays of the sun enhance the colours of the Basilica even more. As the sun sets over Red Square, a wondrous, warm glow floods and softens the entire area. Linger here, savour the light, absorb the atmosphere and enjoy all the architectural delights and periods of this magnificent space for as long as you can!

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