When Storm Francis hit Brighton with gusts of winds up to 53mph, it presented all sorts of wonderful photographic opportunities. The weather was wild, the atmosphere exhilarating and you couldn’t help but be in awe of the sheer power of the storm. With the raging winds shoving and throwing the sea against the promenade, it was difficult to believe this was August in England!

Even the seagulls were in awe as they huddled close to the crashing waves. Unlike us humans though, they glided and swirled effortlessly through the howling wind, undeterred by the brutality of the sea.

Getting down low to catch a birds-eye view, the storm’s ferocity metamorphosed into stunning, pure white foam that bubbled and spread its way over the land. Beautiful.

Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying the wildness of the day. I think it must have been the incredible sense of freedom it imparted on us all – it made you want to run, jump and even skip!

As the afternoon progressed, the skies got darker. It was reassuring to see the lifeguards out in force in case of any problems.

A lot of people were happy just to sit and absorb the seascape,

while others stood there, mesmerised by the sheer force of nature.

On the other hand, for some, it was simply another day.

Finally, pointing my lens in the opposite direction presented me with wonderful views of the brightly coloured beach huts against the evening sky – as well as glorious silhouettes of those out walking along the prom!

After a couple of hours of being blown about the beach, enough was enough. My clothes were damp, I was covered in gritty sand and when I licked my lips, I tasted salt… but I felt so very happy! Storm Francis might well have given Brighton a bit of a battering, but it had also brightened up many people’s afternoons – mine included!


A few more photos from the afternoon Storm Francis hit Brighton sea-front



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