There’s something magical at the best of times about walking through the woods in the Autumn sunshine, but take a stroll under the leafy canopy of the tree tunnel in Halnaker, near Chichester, and you’ll find yourself transported into another world! 

Such a beautiful place – magical in its own right. And with the vibrant glow of rich autumnal colours, it’s particularly spectacular this time of year. This ancient path follows the route of Stane Street (the old London to Chichester road) and as you walk along it, it’s hard to imagine how many thousands of other people must have walked this way over the centuries… after all, it’s down to the footfall the track has sunk and formed the mystical-looking hollow path it is today.

 To savour this wonderful experience for yourself, if you start at Warehead Farm in Halnaker, near Chichester, West Sussex and head north-east up Denge Lane (the track to the right of the farm) you’ll easily find it.

Walking through the tunnel is a surreal experience and a wonderful sensory delight. Narrow tracks also intricately weave their way through the trees on the side of the tunnel which is perfect for adding a little extra adventure for the little-uns – and for us oldies too that decide to follow in their footsteps! 

Continue walking through this enchanting tree tunnel and you’ll end up on the path that leads to Halnaker Windmill. The photo below shows the exit/entrance to the tunnel in the middle of the glorious South Downs. 

Once out it the open, it’s a short uphill walk to the windmill. The views are glorious on-route so take your time to savour these moments. On clear days you can even see the Isle of Wight!

The windmill is perched high on top of Halnaker Hill and, weather permitting, can be spotted for miles around. In the same vein, you are treated to glorious panoramic views from up here!

Seeped in history, the old windmill is a Grade 2 listed building. For those interested, Neolithic Earthworks and a World War 2 Observation Post can also be found at this site.

 The walk through the magical tree tunnel up to the old windmill and back is roughly a mile and a half. If you’re driving to Halnaker look out for the little lay-by/parking area on Denge Lane just off the A285 – it’s also the entrance to Warehead Farm. Hope you enjoy the walk as much as I did!

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