Even torrential rain can’t dull the brightness and joyfulness of Burano. This tiny island, situated in the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon in Italy, is guaranteed to sooth and rest any weary soul.

Just a forty minute boat ride from Venice, the island is bursting with colour and drenched with surprises. Full of narrow streets with little nooks and crannies where-ever you look, every house is painted a different colour – and each dramatically contrasting the next.

According to legends, the reason for the village being so dramatically and colourfully painted, stems from the days when the fishermen would come home in thick fog and couldn’t see their own houses. So they started painting them all brightly and differently in order to find their way home!


Even with black skies and torrential rain, Burano is still beautiful. While I was there, the heavens opened and it bucketed down. Everyone ran for cover and huddled together waiting for the down pour to pass. It was all rather surreal.


Brightly coloured umbrellas were added to the eccentric mix and a freshness filled the air.


Wandering the streets of this island is a must. Lose yourself in the atmosphere of the place and enjoy it. Don’t forget to look out for the leaning church steeple!


Or the house nearby with its colourful murals. Each painting showcasing different scenes of Burano.


After the rain passed, the sky added to the magical charm of the island with a double rainbow. A wonderful finale to the afternoon!


A few more photos from the afternoon showing the glorious colours dispite the rain, and the lace-making too which Burano is also famous for;





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