What a difference a couple of months can make, especially after you’re first born! How precious those moments are and how lovely it is to document and cherish that time for years to come. When little Lottie was born earlier this year, her parents booked a ‘First three months’ shoot, with the first photos being taken not long after she was born. Here she is below along with her daddy, Elliot and her big sister, Marnie. Can’t you just feel all the happiness?!

When litttle Lottie entered this world, she was delivered by Cesarian section and ended up spending her first few days in special care. Thankfully her condition wasn’t anything too serious and with the tender love and care from big sister Marnie, Lottie was soon back on the ward with her mum Sally.

Fast forwarding a couple of weeks and it was time for another few photos. Blissfully unaware of the flower band in her hair or the realms of soft fabric draped around her, Lottie lapped up the attention and posed like a pro! 

           She’s really getting the hang of it all now!

Well helloooo everyone! November has arrived and it’s time to get cosy. Lottie’s two months old in the next couple of pics, and, awake or asleep, life is good for her!

Most of us have a little quirky thing we do and with Lottie it’s all about her toes; try putting her feet together and she always curls them like this. Too cute for words!

Three months down the line and it’s Lottie’s turn to be christened wearing the family gown. The dress she’s wearing was first worn by her great, great grandmother and every child born to the family since has been christened in it – including her mummy, Sally

Such a lovely family tradition – someone seems very chuffed with it all, that’s for sure!

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