What a wonderful world we live in!

If you visited the Trundle in West Sussex recently, you’d have been treated to a spectacular visual feast. Ablaze with glorious rich red poppies stretching over an entire hill, the views were breathtaking.

Whereas some people were compelled to just stand and stare, others ran for joy – keeping to the little paths that ran through the field obviously.

Little Marnie, pictured above and below, passionately embraced and delighted in the beauty of the poppies. Mesmerised by the intricacy of the flowers, she took a little time out and fully immersed herself in her surroundings. Such a sweet moment…

Adding to the drama of the landscape, the clouds created a magnificent backdrop which changed rapidly by the moment. And no, before you ask, the man silhouetted in the photo below, wasn’t drinking a cup of tea – he was taking a photo!

Unlike the fellow above, this lovely couple choose to saviour the scenery in comfort. In true British style they relaxed on their folding chairs whilst reading their books and supping their cups of tea. Perfect!

The photo below wasn’t taken that long after the one above. Such was the unpredictability of the weather that day. All so very dramatic.

Seeing the poppies close up and personal is one thing, but viewing them from afar is another. A short hike up the Trundle and you were rewarded with not only a stunning view point of the rolling South Downs, but also a true appreciation of the beauty, and the enormity, of the poppy-covered hill nestled in the heart of the West Sussex countryside.

The Trundle is located in the Chichester area of West Sussex, UK, and is part of the Goodwood Country Park. The postcode for parking near the Trundle is PO18 0SP