After all the snow, rain and winds of the past few weeks, what a welcome surprise the other day was. Simply perfect for the photoshoot I had planned with Emma and her gorgeous nine month old Isabella. With coats and scarves cast aside, we ventured out to Highdown Gardens near Worthing to take advantage of the glorious spring flowers as they were beginning to burst into colour – not to mention the lush warm rays of the late March sun too!

Isabella was full of the joys of Spring herself and blatantly enjoyed the warmth and colour of her surroundings. 

Lolling around amongst the daffodils proved quite intriguing for the young Isabella…

As was discovering the strange texture of the knobbly tree bark. She loved the shapes and feel and look of this old tree!

I suspect, given half the chance she’d have attempted a spot of tree climbing… but mum wasn’t having any of it. So unfair!!

A few little strops thrown in for good measure… Well, what little girl can be good all the time?

But with a face as cute as this, how could you not forgive her? Such a little darling!

Finally, we found ourselves amongst the blossom. Such a beautiful encounter and what a lovely finish to a perfect afternoon’s shoot. 

And a final farewell from Isabella and Emma… Thanks you gorgeous girls! xxx


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