Nothing says summer more than the glorious sight and smell of a lavender field in full bloom! 

It was little Isabella’s and her mummy’s first ever visit to a lavender field, and while Emma was totally in awe of the magnificent, deep purple vision in front of her, Isabella only had eyes for the bright red tractor.  

After pushing her way to the front of the queue and clambering up into the driver’s seat, she steered away and pressed buttons and switches to her heart’s delight – totally oblivious to everything else! 

Leaving Isabella under the watchful eye of her mother for a while, I took a few minutes out to take in all the crazy antics going on around me.  

It must have been the healing affect of the aromatic fragrance we were enveloped in because everywhere you looked people had huge smiles on their faces.

They were all posing, laughing and photographing themselves amongst the lavender and generally having a great time! 

Finally Emma managed to drag Isabella off the tractor and it was time for a bit of exploring amidst the purple haze. Every time we brushed against the flowers our nostrils were filled with the fresh, floral scent of lavender. It was wonderful.  

Despite her mother’s attempts to show her the pretty lavender flowers, the moment Isabella saw the paths between the rows of shrubs, she just wanted to run. And run she did. For ages, she ran up and down the sun-parched tracks, loving every minute of it!

She wasn’t the only child to be absorbed in the tranquil beauty of the place either…

Oh no!!! Isabella had spied the tractor again… OK, just one more go on it…  Ahh, happy days!

All too soon closing time was upon us and it was time to leave. With the field now void of other people we wanted to get a shot without everyone else in the background – not that Isabella would play ball. Her little smiling face however, is enough to make any photo wonderful!

Unfortunately there was only time for one shot with Emma but at least she had the chance to take ownership of the field – albeit for a few seconds.

A quick sneaky shot of the lavender in all its glory as we were being escorted away… 

Time to go home. Ahh, such a shame…

A final farewell to the beautiful lavender field. Here’s looking forward to next year!

The Lordington lavender fields near Chichester in West Sussex are opened to the public for a few days each year.

 To book or to enquire about a private lavender photoshoot outside of the public opening hours, please contact me.







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