Beautifully pregnant and glowing with health, Joy wanted her curvaceous bump to be captured on camera – something to enjoy and remember for years to come. So, towards the end of a glorious summer day we set off with her family on tow towards Petworth in West Sussex. For some reason her son had decided he was going to be Spiderman that day. On seeing his mum dressed in a long white gown, Noah, her son was a bit confused and asked her if she was getting married! 

The landscape was stunning and Joy enjoyed a pensive moment absorbing the beauty of her surroundings.

Then for a few poses… What a beauty she is!

Time to be a bit more active. A quick stroll through the beautiful landscape. 

The purple of the heather was stunning and with the sun casting the last of its rays down on the woodlands, it all felt rather magical.

Noah couldn’t resist photo-bombing a few shots… which raised a few smiles! 

A few more shots before the sun disappeared for the night;

And then it was time to go home. Such a great photo shoot in a beautiful location with a wonderful family. Thank you Joy, Noah and hubby-to-be Josh xx



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