Life can be cruel at the best of times, but sometimes when life has dealt one of its cruel blows, it also brings so much love and hope to the surface. When Mark Thompson, a young family man, was recently diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumour, the love and support he received from everyone was heart-rendering. 

Mark is such a positive, lovable guy. He’s only 33 and has a beautiful young family which he’s determined to see grow up. Mark has had surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible and is currently undergoing Radiation and Chemotherapy treatment. They say his diagnosis is incurable but, with the right course of treatment, there is hope. Despite all this, Mark still manages to keep a smile on his face. He’s such an inspiration. 

After intensive research, Immunotherapy treatment appeared the most promising. This treatment, which costs £40,000, is offered in Germany and therefore not covered by any UK health insurance or the NHS. Fundraising is Mark’s only hope of funding this treatment, and wonderfully, so many people have stepped forward to help. To-date, fundraising set up by one of his brothers has raised £16,921 in just 30 days!! Any monies raised over the £40,000 will be donated to Mark’s children – as requested by a high percentage of the people that have donated.

Mark’s family and friends have been relentless in helping him. Their love, loyalty, all the kind messages and support have been amazing – and it is what’s been helping Mark (and his family) keep strong. If you’d like to help Mark beat this cancer, please donate here: GoFundMe page 



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