If you go down to the fields off Halewick Lane in the Sompting/Lancing area, you’ll be in for a lovely surprise! You’ll have to get down there pretty sharpish though, as the masses of glorious red poppies won’t be shimmering around for much longer. 

I met Josh and Joy with their bundles of trouble there at the weekend for a quick photo shoot. The sun was blazing down but the light, summery breeze made the temperature feel perfect – such a great place to chill out and enjoy the colourful scenery.

Seeing the sea of delicate-looking flowers swaying in the wind prompted a few selfies. Simply had to be done!

Not that little Adeleine was particularly impressed… she could barely see over the top of the blades of grass.

However, back in the arms of her mum, and at a better height, Adeleine soon joined in with exploring the area! 

Noah loved wading through the poppy fields… 

and was fascinated by the way the flowers were formed and how Mother Nature had so carefully packaged them. 

Like a scene from a Monet painting, the fields were literally dotted with a blaze of translucent colour. Absolutely stunning.



Ahhh, the face of one very happy, free-spirited child. Wonderful to see.

With so much to look at and so much to learn, the world truly is a wonderful place.

Time for a little break and a family chat… 

Adeleine wasn’t impressed her brother hadn’t saved much of his snack bar for her. Hmmm… think her face said it all!

Not one to hold a grudge, Adeleine soon went back off on her own, running down the hill without a care in the world. Freedom!!!


and more exploring…

But, there comes a time in every little girl’s life when you just can’t go any further. And who better to turn to than your big brother?

Bless him, he carried his sister all through the field and took her safely back to their parents. So sweet!

Such a wonderful afternoon with a loving, fun family. Thank you, Josh and Joy xx

Here’s a couple of pics of the fields. Breathtaking don’t you agree?

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