Turning one is so very special – there’s no getting away from it. And what better a way to celebrate your first birthday than by eating cake? Or as in this little girl’s case, eating, touching and rolling in the yummy stuff!

To mark the occasion the scene was set in the garden for a little tea party, complete with balloons and pom-poms. Dressed in her best dress, Isabella looked as pretty as a picture – so angelic, and when mummy Emma placed a scrummy-looking cupcake just within her reach, Isabella’s face broke into an enormous grin. She couldn’t believe her luck!! 

She was totally delighted… until mummy decided to take it away that is…

Definitely not amused. 

So time for a change of scenery and for the second part of the afternoon; the Cake Smash! A quick clean up and Isabella was soon ready to roll in her second party frock – one for prosperity to mark her first birthday in true style.

Such a poser… think we ought to address her as Princess Isabella from now on!

And yes, she’s spotted her cake coming over. So very entertaining on one’s birthday!  

With no time to waste it was hands on deck for Isabella as she launched herself into her cake feast. Who needs plates and cutlery when you’ve got hands?

Not forgetting one’s feet too! Ahh, such a good life… 

Happy birthday beautiful Isabella!



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