I’ve just got to introduce you to this remarkable couple! Meet Peter and Brenda, a couple, who after nearly sixty years of marriage are still as connected and as in love with each other as they were back in the day.

With a short stroll through a few fields and over a couple of stiles, chivalry was in abundance as we walked deeper into the heart of the woods.

Then suddenly we found ourselves confronted with a most spectacular display of fragrant bluebells. A huge expanse of violet-blue flowers contentedly dancing and shimmering in the afternoon sun! It captivated our senses completely.

While Brenda and I chatted, Peter felt compelled to wander off for a moment and absorb the ethereal beauty of the place.

Time for a few more photos… Being careful not to destroy any of the delicate blooms, the couple sat themselves down amongst the mass of bluebells and shared a few private moments by themselves.

A few jokes got thrown in for good measure! Not to mention a typical ‘Peter smirk’ – all part of his wonderful, charismatic personality.

So obviously at home in the middle of nature, these active octogenarians totally embraced and enjoyed their combined woodland walk and photo shoot!

Visually dwarfed by the power and size of this tree, Peter nonchalantly mentioned how he only walks 4 miles every day now, and runs on the spot for 5 minutes too … oh, and he also does 60 press-ups on a daily basis. At 88 years of age, wow… I’m totally in awe of this amazing man.

A quick pose with the man himself. It simply had to be done…

Followed by a few individual photos…

After a little more walking, talking, enjoying and photographing, we arrived back at the car park.

And finally a fond farewell from this lovely couple… Here’s to our next Walk & Shoot photo session!

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