Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween… but a fancy dress party for pugs? Well, apparently it’s all part and parcel of a pug’s hectic social life.

On their best behaviour (mostly) and forever hopeful of a tasty morsel thrown in for good measure, the pugs (and a few frenchies) did their owners proud. Colour co-ordinated and totally trendy, these fur babies certainly looked the part.

Even a few of the younger owners joined in the shenanigans. Dressed to impress, the scene was set for a fun affair as vampires and bats darted around the field.  

A few were left speechless at some of their friends behaviour though… someone was definitely not impressed here;

All good fun though and so nice to see such a happy, affectionate group. Lots of loving’ going on below for sure! 

There was no doubting the love between these two. So much fondness in this little pug’s eyes for its owner! A very tender moment.

There were quite a few splendid characters running around. These little fellas in particular caught my eye;

The pugs all loved getting up close and personal. Whether it was inquistiveness or pure friendliness I wasn’t exactly sure, but it was cute all the same. 

With high spirits running amok it was important to insure things were kept under control. Luckily this beefy character was on hand and the event stayed trouble free. 

Here’s a few more pics from the afternoon;

This group meet up on the third Sunday of each month at Clix and Trix field in Barnham, West Sussex. For further information contact Lynne Allen or Elaine Armstrong. Facebook page: PUGS ON THE RUN Formally Pugs in the Park