On a tour to see the oldest dragon tree in the world as well as the hidden village of Masca, and knowing what beautiful locations the two destinations were, for Aaron and Emma, combining a photo shoot with their day out just had to be done!

Icod de los Vinos in the northern part of Tenerife was the first port of call. Just over one hour’s drive from their holiday home in El Medano, Icod de los Vinos is home to the famous Dragon tree – the oldest one of its kind in the world! Believed to be over 1000 years old, the tree towers over 16 metres high and spreads an impressive 20 metres around its base.
Both Emma and Aaron loved the gnarled and knotted trunk of this magnificent old tree and the way its branches spread out like countless arms. It was an impressive sight.

A few photo opportunities in the Parque del Drago, where the tree is housed, amongst the lush green plants, trees and cacti…

Then it was time to get close up and personal with the millenary dragon tree itself. Time to feel the strength and appreciate the true enormity of this gnarled old tree – maybe even soak up some of the so-called, healing properties!

With the Dragon Tree mission accomplished, it was then back on the road heading for Masca; a tiny, picturesque village situated deep in the Teno mountain peaks. The drive there was exhilarating as the road carved itself through rocky ravines and round precarious hairpin bends. Definitely not a track for nervous drivers though!

Stopping off to take in and admire the incredible views was a must…

Euphoria was running through Aaron’s blood and at one point he found himself literally jumping with joy! 

We continued our drive towards Masca. No wonder the tiny village is often referred to as the lost village because it’s tucked away in such a remote setting, surrounded by dramatic rock formation and plush foliage. A few houses are scattered around, most of them balancing somewhat perilously in narrow creeks of the ravine – a lot of them derelict and abandoned. It was all so unbelievably beautiful it took your breath away.

The clouds were blackening and descending on us fast, forcing the last of the tourists to make a hasty retreat back down the mountainous road before it got too dark. Perfect for a few atmospheric photos before we too had to return home.

And finally, my favourite photo from the day;


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