Glowing with all the beauty that pregnancy brings and wanting to celebrate her magnificent curves, Sally met me at Petworth Park recently for a pregnancy photoshoot. To start with we walked at a gentle pace through the land until we came to a small lake. Surrounded by lush grass and magnificent, leafy trees, the scene was the perfect spot to begin taking photos in. Watched by her two children, we took quite a few shots here.     

The children were obviously bemused by the whole idea of Mum traipsing around and posing in a long white dress. This photo totally summed-up their feelings;

Not that they were moaning about being there… They loved running around the park, exploring and generally enjoying themselves! 

Little Marnie, Sally’s daughter, decided to join her mum for a quick cuddle at one point. And why not? Such a sweet, tender moment!

While we were shooting, a lady past-by on her tricycle. Obviously used to being photographed, she gave us a huge grin and continued peddling. 

We were hoping to get a few shots with the resident deer in the park but instead found ourselves sharing the space with a few geese and their fluffy chicks. I wanted Sally to get closer but she refused, preferring instead to admire the wildlife from a safe distance!

Time for a change of outfit, and it was off to find a different backdrop. The sun came out from behind the clouds for a few moments making everything look even more stunning.

The grounds at Petworth Park are glorious. Enchanting almost. Here’s a few more pics from the shoot;

A lovely afternoon spent making memories of this wondrous event. Thank you so much Sally, for trusting me to do your pregnancy shoot. xxx




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