Oh the joys of autumn with the warmth of the late afternoon sun – especially when you’re sharing the experience with some of your favourite people as I did the other week.

I felt so privileged to share this little family’s pleasure as they explored, absorbed and thoroughly enjoyed their family photoshoot in Chichester.

So, a gentle stroll to start with…

Then it’s time for discovering the autumnal leaves… to touch them a little, smell them a little… and possibly even to attempt eating them a little. Well, when you’re only two, what else would you do? 

Then it’s time for a bit of cavorting with dad;

Not to mention dissecting a bit of tree – well, who knows what could be lurking under that bark? 

Then it’s time for a little sit-down and a family chat. Obviously certain matters need to be discussed;

Naturally the afternoon wouldn’t have been complete without a big family hug!