What’s it all about?

Lifestyle photography and travel photography.

Two different genres of photography maybe, but both of which I enjoy with a passion. And when the two entwine I’m one very happy lady; it’s the perfect working combination for me!

Generally speaking though, during the milder months I’m kept busy in the UK with lifestyle and portraiture photography, and then for the remainder of the year it’s the travel photography that takes over.

Firstly the lifestyle and portraiture sessions…

These predominantly Sussex based sessions are all about having fun.

They’re about capturing those special moments in time; that whispered a secret, a shared joke, a unique love or a special occasion. Everyone is different and we all have a story to tell.

My mission is to tell your story, to record your personality and style and in doing so, capture your individuality.

I prefer to work within the realms of nature using and abusing the natural sources of nature’s light and beauty. So, depending on the season, your backdrop could be anything from rugged hills or calm seas; to woods full of bluebells or daffodils – or even your own home or back garden. The choice is yours.

Then there’s the travel photography side of the business…

I inherited my itchy feet from my father – or was it the Bohemian blood of his father that seeped its way under my skin? Either way, it was my father who engraved the bitter, sweet gift of wanderlust into my being. New lands, new places and cultures were a way of life for me from very young, and one I embrace, revel in and want to share with you.

Sometimes I find myself in beautiful cities, sometimes in random towns in the back of beyond – though sadly rarely for long. But wherever I end up my mission is always to find something beautiful or unusual to photograph, a story to tell, or an experience to share through the lens of my camera.

On a final note

Based in West Sussex and having enjoyed photography with a passion for years, the artist in me loves to capture the emotion of the moment on camera. I love creating all kinds of art forms – be it with a camera and lens or paints and brushes. To me, the journey, the sheer experience, the culminating result of the final image – it’s what keeps me alive.

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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld